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Custom Cookies: decorated with royal icing for any occasion

Cookie flavors:

  • Vanilla Sugar: classic buttery vanilla cookie
  • Chocolate:  intense chocolate cookie
  • Red Velvet: vanilla with a hint of chocolate- and of course, the deep red color

Shortbread cookies:

Chocolate chip cookies:  soft, chewy cookie, loaded with semi-sweet chocolate chips

Thumb print cookies with jam

Peanut butter cup cookies

French macarons:  light-as-air meringue-like cookies filled with jam, buttercream, or ganache; endless variety of colors and flavors (contains nuts)

cupcakes & cakes

S’mores: Dark chocolate cake with a graham cracker bottom, marshmallow frosting, marshmallow filling, graham cracker and toasted marshmallow embellishment

Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel: Dark chocolate cake with salted caramel butter cream frosting, salted caramel filling, dark chocolate and salted caramel drizzle

Chocolate Covered Strawberry: Chocolate cake with strawberry butter cream frosting, strawberry jam filling

Latte: Mocha coffee cake with Vanilla bean butter cream frosting, chocolate covered espresso bean

Vanilla Latte: coffee cake with Vanilla butter cream frosting

PB&J: Vanilla cake, peanut butter butter cream frosting, and strawberry jelly filling

Cookies & Creme: Chocolate cake, cream cheese frosting, chocolate sandwich cookie filling

Mango Lychee: Vanilla cake with bits of lychee, mango lychee frosting, mango curd filling

Tropical Surprise: Vanilla cake with bits of mango and coconut, lime butter cream frosting, mango curd filling

Financiers: Small French cake baked into a “gold bar” shape (contains nuts)

pies & tarts

Strawberry Lemonade Meringue: lemon curd with fresh strawberries, topped with marshmallow meringue, in a flaky crust

Blueberry Chocolate: Fresh Blueberry with Vanilla bean cannoli cream, topped with dark chocolate shavings, in a filo crust

Summertime Berries: Fresh Strawberry and Blueberry with vanilla bean cannoli cream, in a filo crust

Taste of Autumn: Cranberry Pear compote with vanilla bean cannoli cream, in a filo crust

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